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I am a minster; a minster is a person who meets the needs of others! This being said, the focus of who I am and what I represent revolves around the edification of people. On this platform, I have combined all of my gifts, talents and knowledge to share with others in hopes that it meets some type of need. When needs are met, my job has been done. Be it pastoring, preaching, speaking, community activism or motivating others to adapt a healthier lifestyle, I consider all of my work MINISTRY!

~ Dr. Joseph L. Williams

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Dr. Joseph L. Williams is a 4th generational pastor and preacher of the gospel. He has been in ministry for 18 years and serves as pastor of a mega ministry in Atlanta and Lithonia GA, Salem Bible Church. Dr. Williams has a doctorate in homiletics from Mercer University, a Masters of Divinity from McAfee School of Theology and a B.A. in business from Morehouse College.

His accomplishments and publications have led him to international and nationwide preaching, speaking and training opportunities. Dr. Williams is an expert in homiletics, the art of preaching, communication, Old and New Testament studies, church growth and effective small groups within the local church.


Dr. Joseph L. Williams is a speaker and community activist. He has led rallies, panel discussions and addressed more than 100,000 people at our nation’s capital for the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. Dr. Williams has written and produced an award winning documentary, Kolorstruck, which is a presentation that presents “race” as a social construction.


Dr. Joseph L. Williams is an effective life coach. He has assisted more than 3000 people across the United States in losing weight, reducing emotional stresses as well as becoming more spiritually centered in Jesus Christ in a 40-day transformative process, The Journey. Dr. Williams has worked with celebrities, public figures, couples, men and women of all ages, races and backgrounds. His approach to life coaching is unique in that he believes, “transformation must include all parts of the human consciousness: mind, body and spirit.”


Dr. Joseph L. Williams is a certified nutritionist and holistically trained doctor. He uses his knowledge to work with his congregation and community while inspiring them to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Williams does not use any chemicals or man made supplements in his practice. Dr. Williams believes food, if properly understood and used, can be medicine for all. He believes the “best cure for any disease is its prevention.”

Lifestyles of the Fit & Healthy

If you have tried diet after diet to never see the scale go in the right direction or if you find yourself trying to lose those last fifteen pounds, then “Lifestyles” is the book for you.

Dr. Joseph L. Williams gives educational information that allows you to not only lose weight and feel great but also understand exactly what various foods do when eaten. When you understand the reaction of macronutrients in your body (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats), you will be well on your way to accomplishing your goals because you will understand macronutrients’ basic functions within your body!

Dr. Williams isn’t some fitness guru who has never experienced the struggles of weight loss, but rather he is a person who lost over 110 pounds and did it not by having to diet but rather by changing his lifestyle! In “Lifestyles” not only will he share with you his story, but also he will give you his customized approach to healthy weight loss called the No Diet Lifestyle Plan (NDLP). He has used this simple plan with clients all over the country who have experienced phenomenal results as a byproduct of implementing these simple strategies.

If you follow the five simple rules enclosed in the book, you will be well on your way to a lifestyle of being fit and healthy!


Not of This World

Life is a journey; it is a collection of events and earthly experiences that take us from where we start to where we finish. The hope of each journeyer is to learn from every experience while being on that journey.

Not of This World is a book that takes the reader on a journey. Through the eyes of the main character, Luxor, the reader experiences the four stages of change: Healing, Transformation, Empowerment and Expansion. Dr. Joseph L. Williams will take you through the steps needed to experience new life.

The darkness is no place to live. If you’re ready for clarity, peace and even joy, Not of This World is a practical and transformative process to makeover your life. If you’re tired of religious structures and new-age gurus who feed you one-size-fits all message, you’ll enjoy personalized wisdom and exercises designed for real people with real problems.


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Families Touched


The Journey is a holistic transformation of the mind, body and spirit. It is a 40-day comprehensive process that results in a complete and sustained life change. It is the only process of its kind that has been medically documented to produce documented results in participants.