How to manifest ANYTHING in your life: The power of effective praying

Just recently, in my personal study, I ran across a scripture I have read several times. I have read it, taught from it and preached on it; however, until this point I never saw the keys to answered prayer as I did when I read the sacred text!   If you can receive and understand what I will convey to you, it will boost your prayer life 100 fold! Ever since I have taken to action what the Holy Spirit revealed to me, my life hasn’t been the same!   Mark 11:23 says, “Truly I tell you that if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and has no doubt in his heart but believes that it will happen, it will be done for

him.”   Within this text Jesus Christ himself, the son of the living God, tells us how we can manifest anything within our lives. The text doesn’t give in exclusions, but rather is inclusive of ALL THINGS you are willing to believe in. The three things we need to do to manifest anything are as follows:   Speak IT!!!   “If you say to the mountain…”   The first key to manifesting anything in your life is asking God for it and speaking it into existence! A closed mouth never gets fed and although God is a mind reader, the key to you and I manifesting something is “speaking it into existence.”   Many of us don’t get this because it is a spiritual manifestation. It transcends thought and understanding! When you speak something out loud, there is an energy attached to those words. Once it exists your mouth, your words will manifest into something even if you are unable to see this phenomena transpire!   Many people are manifesting negativity just by their unconscious speech. Words of negativity filled with doubt, anger or even gossip, are spiritual seeds that are growing weeds of wickedness in and around your life. From this day forward NEVER speak anything that is not of God, no matter what it is! Allow this knowledge to be a discipline you incorporate in your daily life.   Those things you speak will be the things you attract; the Word of God addresses this in several places. One of them can be found in Isaiah 55:11. From this point forward, if there is something you want, SPEAK IT! Not only speak it, but also claim it in and over your life.   DON’T Doubt IT! “Don’t doubt it in your heart!”   The second key to manifesting anything in your life is by not doubting what it is you have spoken. The text first tells us to “speak to the mountain.” Then the text says, “Don’t doubt it in your heart!”   Once you speak something into existence, stop worrying about it! Allow your words to be the proof and comfort you need to know that your breakthrough is on the way. When we speak something into existence; however, we possess doubt in our hearts, the doubt is an energy that prevents the seed we spoke from taking its root.   When we speak something into existence; however, we have doubt, it causes the positivity of what you spoke to be voided by the negativity of the doubt that is in your heart. Once a seed is planted, it needs to be protected in order that it has a chance to germinate and grow.   From now on, once you pray and speak it into existence, don’t wonder if God heard you, but rather live with great EXPECTATIONS of it being on the way! Trust God in the timing of your request and how it is packaged! Don’t handcuff God to your outcome of what you want him to do. Sometimes you will miss it, if you only believe the answer to your prayer will come from one place!   Believe it!! but believes that it will happen, it will be done for him.”   The third key to manifesting anything in your life is by BELIEVING what you claim! “What’s the different between not doubting God and having faith in God?” I can hear you asking this question. There was a time I thought they were the same but they are totally different!   “Not Doubting” what you speak protects the seed! You’ve seen grass being planted on the sides of streets or highways. Once it’s planted, straw or hay protects the seeds from being eating by birds or moved by the wind. The straw is to the grass what “not doubting” is to your spiritual seed; it protects it and gives it a chance to take root!   “Believing” or having faith is the water and fertilizer your seed needs to grow! This is the magic elixir; once you speak it you’ve planted a seed. When you don’t doubt it, you protect the seed, but when you have faith and believe it is already done you GROW the seed!!!   When the woman with the issue of blood was healed, Jesus never said, “I healed you.” But rather, Jesus said, “Your faith has made you whole.” Often times we blame “not getting our answer” on God, but God’s power has been and will continue to be constant. The variable that causes some prayers to be answered while others not is our lack of faith!   Heed these words and put them in action in your life! It’s God’s word and it works when you put it to good use! Blessings Family JLW              


  • Mikelyn B. - thechosenone_30

    Great message! I’ve been in some really tight places lately, but somehow I know God is trying to press me and prepare me for what’s to come next. I can feel the seasons changing in my life and I am dancing as if I know what it is already. What I do know is that I am a VICTOR!!! I know that he’s having to move some things from me to move some things to me. I’m excited for “the next”…. What? I don’t know just yet , but I’m holding on. I also understand clearly than we must go through it to grow through it. That’s my word and I am sticking to it! Amen Pastor Joe for the word!!! Thanks!!!!

  • Eva Forest

    I am a firm believer that Prayer changes things! As I read this live blog I to have come away with a more positive insight and truly appreciate the new perspective in my life by reading the entire lesson. Thank you Pastor! Much Love!

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